ECOtanka Grail 350ml Cup

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ECOtanka Grail Cup 350ml, has an advanced food-grade ceramic coating on the inside which is design to keep your wine flavor tasting the way it should taste. Adding wine to any stainless steel finish will affect the taste of the wine and in some cases will completely destroy the flavor in your wine!

The Grail Cup is double-walled making it dishwasher suitable and is made of 304 stainless steel on the inside and outside with a durable ceramic coating on the inside that is BPA and BPS FREE and has been independently tested to EU standards. The inside layer has been professionally designed and pressed in one peace the same as a wine glass with the round curves, other cups are flatter in design like a coffee cup.

The ECOtanka Grail cup is suitable for most drinks weather hot or cold due to its double-wall design and ceramic coating giving it vacuum-like properties. This cup is ideal around the pool, camping, travelling, or for a special occasion.